Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Overcoat

And here’s one more good thing that has happened in this relatively short year. I’ve been waiting for its release since I first heard the demos. And now it’s finally here. So miserablists get ready because these guys provide a rather harrowing soundscape for the wistful and disenchanted. The ability to take a song like Wooly Bully (hate it) and transmorph it into something so bleak and desolate and frightening is a testament to their abilities. Bonus points for the deployment of the baritone guitar too. Since this is just released I’m not going to use the traditional mediafire method of uploading and instead I’ve provided a link to their bandcamp page. Those willing to donate to these charming young men will receive a warm thanks from me and will be placed in a raffle to win signed nude photos of the sexy Wilmoth twins.



  1. Guys wearing best dress like overcoat is so much fun also your look make more presentable and elegant.