Friday, April 8, 2011

Andy Zwerling-Spiders in the Night

This looks like a million other records that came out during this era. Just a pretty average looking dude relaxing on his roof. And I’m sure plenty of people assumed that it would be like all the other records it resembles. But if they happened to flip over the sleeve and read a few of the song titles like “Knife Man” (followed by “Slicing”), “Turtles vs. the Green Ants,” and the eponymous track would hint at the weirdness and charm of this album. It does have that folky, singer-songwriter vibe, but that’s matched with that cellar dwelling, creepo psychosis too. A nice a relaxing piece of dementia. And just what is he doing up on that roof?



  1. really enjoying this one, and never would have listened on my own. thanks very much

  2. yeah, it doesn't have much of a following, which is too bad really.