Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spazztic Blurr

During my sick spell I found out that one of the things that definitely doesn’t aid in the recovery is hearing that a dear childhood mate has just died. Who’d a thought that? So this post is for Tom. I’ve never seen some one crack more skateboards or knock people out with a single punch that this guy. He was also the guy who got me high for the first time in the cemetery by Lisa Stahley’s house. I remember one time when he was goading us into doing something ridiculous and I asked “why would you do want to do that.” He replied, “why wouldn’t want to do that?” My life philosophy was forever changed. Knowing Tom, I’m sure he wouldn’t want some sad bastard weepiness posted in his honor so I won’t give in to that urge and instead post something stupid and fun. Just like how Tom would have wanted it. He would have fit right in with these guys.


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