Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Alan Sondheim-Ritual All 7-70

Doctor my eyes, my lungs, my exoskeleton (I’m half bug)…God damn, I have been super fucking sick, hence the lack of posts of the past weeks. It’s really rare that I ever get even a cold, so I was super surprised that this fever/flu/cold/allergies combo really knocked me on my ass. But now that I’ve had a chance to recover I better make with the posts before people forget about this thing (suck fickle readers you are). I had the good luck of spending some time with this fella last week, so I figure I might as well post some of his early work. And this should appeal to many record goons as its on the NWW list and E.S.P-Disk. Alan’s a nice guy and spending a day with him is like sprinting through a museum. Glad to know this guy’s still hard at work.


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