Friday, April 8, 2011

Bridget St John-Songs for the Gentleman

Kind of weird that several old folk sirens have gained some retroactive accolades. Vashti Bunyan was deemed cool enough now to record with Animal Collective (fuck that band), Sibylle Baier is supposed to have a new album out soon, even the more obscure like Karen Dalton and Anne Briggs are getting hipster points (I think I heard Steve Malkmus talking about them). I’m sure St. John gets credit by those in the know, but I never hear anyone talking about her. And she’s one of my favorite astral goddesses. She’s got this haunting and rich voice that makes me feel like she’s singing directly to my soul. And the arrangements on this record are simply fantastic. Honestly, this is close to perfection.



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  2. I dunno man. I just tried it and it worked for me.

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  4. Thanks...worked for me...
    I used to have this vinyl years ago...
    Glad to hear it again...

  5. Too bad you still don't have the LP. You could have given it to me. At least we have these digital things.