Friday, April 8, 2011

Cynthia Dall-Untitled

One great mystery to me is how Dall still remains unknown. She was on a hip label that the kids like. I think she had connections with other cool people that cool kids like. They may have even aided in the construction of this album. Yet she just seemed to disappear after two releases. What gives? So she vanishes and fucking Cat Power is free to throw her bullshit temper tantrums. That just shows that all these people who claim that they’re “really into music” don’t know shit. I ran into some cretin of this ilk recently. He was a former student of a friends and a reputed dullard. I let this dunce talk about how much he loves Radiohead and whatever bullshit our horrible college radio station is allowed to play that week. Eventually, I couldn’t take it anymore and had to tell this kid off before I let my knife do the talking. He left and I thought he was about to cry. I guess that’s why people prefer Cat Power.



  1. Cynthia Dall = Radiohead = Mafia/CIA = Disney = Masons = Bert Convy = Beatles.

  2. Speaking as an anonymous reader: I really like this blog - you have wonderful taste in music and you write about it engagingly - but man, lighten up. Did you really say some hateful shit to some college kid because he's into Radiohead? Having good taste in music isn't license to be an asshole...

  3. It's not a question about taste. I love tons of shit most people will think is terrible. It's a question of humility. If someone is going to be a loudmouth and then back up his already impossible to prove argument with some of the most banal selections then I feel it's completely validated to call bullshit. Since when does unfounded opinion allow people to feel entitled to say nonsense? I don't buy the argument that he's only a college student and therefore uninformed. I, and millions of others, was into weird shit as a preteen. Age isn't an excuse. And then you might raise the point of just not having access to other forms of music. Fine, but then at least acknowledge that there's more out there. I think few people can speak as an authority on any subject. I never claim to be one. But if you're willing to seek that position then you better be willing to back that shit up with some thorough knowledge and not just some half informed opinions that you want to foist on to other people, all the while being very smug and judgmental with those whom you're trying to converse with. And if you don't like the tone then don't read this. Point being this. If you don't like it, don't read it. I'm not in the mood to cater to sensitive sorts and I'll never be apologetic for what I've written.

  4. (I was the one who wrote the anonymous comment) - If the guy was being a condescending jerk, then it makes sense that you'd tell him off; I wasn't there of course, so I have no idea - the post itself made it sound like you made some kid cry just because he was talking about Radiohead, and yeah, that sounded jerky to me. But like I said - wasn't there, don't know, etc. I guess I just didn't see why you would say something really nasty to some kid like that - if he was being a judgmental dipshit, then it's all pretty understandable, I'd say... And, not expecting you to apologize for your writing, just registering my own reaction as a reader.

  5. Oh my christ all mighty god
    You have stuffed this blog
    With pure gold, raw diamonds
    And shiny white pearls

    Man oh man, a million and a million more thanks!

  6. Mike-at first I just assumed you were Chan Marshall. I'm glad you singed in though. Anonymous comments are like adult men wearing shorts. I just can't give them any merit.

    Valo-glad you found some albums here.