Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Julie London-Time for Love

I’ve said before that I really hate compliations, but this one is just too good to keep on the shelf. I’ve got plenty of albums by Miss Julie, but the comp in this case is pretty handy. So save the hate mail. I get enough of that already. This is the type of shit I listen to late at night (I barely sleep as it is) and it really can make me feel less lonely. God, now I’m starting to think of records like girlfriends. How tragic.



  1. well you won't get any hate mail from me, you have nice taste in music, got me into the louisville scene which is moving on up there with clevo in my esteem, & claudine longet (nice cohen cover) is a recent discovery been listening to a lot of artists convicted of the 187: pat hare, don drummond, spade cooley, little willie john, bartolomeo tromboncino, carlo gesualdo da venosa...anyway thanks

  2. Yes, Cleveland has to rank near the tops, but there's an understatedness about Louisville (pre Slint hoopla).

    I'm not sure about the connection of murder and music. Then again, I did play a hommicide cop for all of those years.