Thursday, April 7, 2011

Grace Slick-Manhole

Here’s another album from the pile that people tend to scoff at but have never really listened to. When not going on drunken rants about Nazis (youtube it) Grace Slick was once capable of crafting some really impressive music. <>. I’m sure that over familiarity with Jefferson Airplane has left many psych heads to neglect their back catalog, and that’s a major mistake since they have some truly remarkable moments (Crown of Creation possibly being their crowning achievement). I won’t say that I love this as much as some of their works, but this has some really unexpected and memorable tracks. At only 6 tracks the album seems like just the appropriate dose.



  1. No more teasing, I promise. I like "Jay" a lot.

    But - check this out - the intro to "Epic 38" reminds you of WHAT bad 80s song? Is it just me? I don't think so ...


    Other band:

    I'll go dl Traffic now!

  2. Hilarious. I never thought of that connection. Then again, I try not to think about Asia.

  3. One of the better album titles.