Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Melvin Jackson-Funky Skull

Oddly enough, I have finally received the first piece of good news in about two to three years. I have a new job and get to move away over the summer. And remember when I mentioned a career change? I actually will be doing that. So no longer will I teach English at a university, but I’ll be teaching French at an inner city high school in Kansas City. So that’s a bit of a change, but one that I think I need to do. Universities can really become a drag and especially when you’re living in a place that you don’t want to be. So I’m excited. Any suggestions about anything related to Kansas City would be more than welcome (music venues, restaurants, book/record shops, etc). I really don’t know the town. And if you happen to live their and want to get a beer, watch Peep Show, sleep with me, etc. then send me an e-mail. On this rare positive note, I should probably post something a bit more uplifting. And Funky Skull is just that. Friends have been asking me for more soul albums and now I can say that I try not to let my friends down. Hope you people like it.



  1. This is a *great* lp!

    French is the only class I ever dropped. Spent hours and hours in the damn language lab and could NOT make the appropriate noises (in fact, I'm quite sure if I was born anywhere but the US I'd be mute). Oh well, more power to you - hopefully your young charges won't be so linguistically impaired!

  2. played this through at a party the other day, went down really well

  3. FJ-I can definitely see this working at a party.

    Holly-You should try Russian. I spent years on that to no avail.