Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Paul Horn-Inside

Things have been pretty weird around here. By weird I mean lousy. But did you really expect anything different from me. Rather than write out all the stupid events I’ll just post what I sent my ex (we weren’t actually married but being together for almost 9 years is pretty much like a marriage anyways). So this is what I told her: “for a laff, here's how my day went. I awoke to the hicks above me screaming. I went to bed at four, woke up at seven. No one did their work in either of my classes. They had to write a sentence. They couldn't even do that. Then I walked into a staircase full of pepper spray. I couldn't figure out the recognizable smell at first, then my throat closed up. Then, went on a date with a Vietnamese girl I met. Six hours into the date she tells me about her 4 year long relationship with some guy living in Germany that she has only seen 4 times. So I walked down to the bar to get drunk. I got soaked from the rain. I'll probably catch a cold soon. I feel like an epic failure. My friends laugh at how ridiculous my life has become.” This is really isn’t that unusual than any day in the past two years. So in my crummy mood I turn to this album. I know the creepy close up is enough to scare off the most violent perpetrator but it really is a super soothing album. Bliss for the ears if you will. Recorded inside (hence the title) the Taj Mahal, Horn predicts the dreaded new age genre but far before it became overrun by dads and later reclaimed by ironic hipsters. And the story of the Taj Mahal is heartbreaking but always makes me feel a little human.


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  1. This album is an honest infusion of spirit by Paul Horn who probably had no idea there would be a future merchandising genre called "New Age".
    Bless him and his vision and thank you for offering this gift. The
    Taj Mahal is perhaps the ultimate reverb chamber----a kind of reverb tank for the soul. Thanks again!