Friday, February 4, 2011

They, Themselves or They-Ribbons & Bows...Angel Dust & Magick Wands 7"

First of all, I'll say that some remaining copies of this 7" seem to still be for sale (how is this?) so send some of your cash over the the nice folks at Malt Duck. There's no need to be miser since this is worth it. A bit difficult to describe, but in that appealing way. I seem to hear some alien jazz tones that crept into so U.K. D.I.Y. cassette for olden times. I bought this when it came out and it continues to get play. And with someone as fickle as I am, that means something. And I really love this girl's voice. Well, really, I love pretty much everything about this 7". I know I've gone on about how much shit sounds the same nowadays. This does not fall into that grave.



  1. I'll bite! I assume the appeal is not solely to the English professor in you?

  2. Wait, does the biting mean you're taking up a challenge or that you will physically bite?

    And no, I don't think there's any album that I actually enjoy based on it's literary merits.

    Or did you mean that I like this because the girl is cute?

  3. I'm a carnivore, but not a cannibal.

    And just referring to the band's name!

    Sally Strobelight does appear to be cute, but perhaps not a meat eater.