Friday, February 11, 2011

Melvins-Joe Preston

I think Joe Preston is the Ronnie Wood (see my post on the Birds) of a later generation. And by that I mean this guy has played in so many bands that I love. Let's take a look:

-Men's Recovery Project
-High on Fire
-Sunn 0)))
-The Whip
-Fucking Harvey Milk

And there's still a million other projects that were enhanced by Mr. Preston's participation. Now, after see that list, is there really any reason why you wouldn't download this (assuming you don't already have it).



  1. got to play a show with thrones last year. he's a chill guy.

  2. I've never met the chap but I always assumed that I'd be a decent fella. I think thrones are great too. Sounds like a good show.