Wednesday, February 23, 2011

For Against-Echelons

I can't say I remember too much of driving through Lincoln Nebraska. That large tract of land that separates Chicago from Albuqueque that I'd frequently have to drive through becomes pretty fucking undefined. Of course, there's a certain charm in that almost oppressively vast sky, but the lack of reference points can also make you batty. So how does this contender for the best British post punk/ early shoegaze album come from god damned Lincoln? I've played this so many times to friends and then tell them it's a bunch of cornhuskers and not a single person believes me (okay, they don't have the accents down as good as Alain I suppose). One good thing (and perhaps the only) about everybody carrying around a computer in their phone is that I can prove I am right in a much quicker manner now (though I have to use someone else's phone since mine doesn't actually do that). But wait, back to the question. I am serious. How the hell did this come to be? A ten star masterpiece.



  1. wow.
    where has this been all my life?
    holy fuck i'm floored.

    damn, thanks so much for this!

  2. It really is quite charming. Glad you like it.

  3. I missed this too. And on Independent Projects, to boot! Given mid 80s indie is kinda my musical specialty ('cuz I was there, man, at the birth of "college rock") it's triply bizarre.

    Many thanks for rectifying a sorry situation!

    And in case there's any question -
    'Letter to a Fanzine' will always trump 'Losing My Edge'. In my book. ;-)

  4. Yeah, that's a label that put out plenty of goodies, but I somehow forget about it.

    Like the Great Plains reference, but what's that other song? I don't think I know that one.

  5. Here's where I miss face to face ... are you being sarcastic, or has the latter song really flown under your radar?

  6. No, I really don't know.

    If it's new I might not know it. If it's old, I might have forgotten it. Either way, I'm not clowning around. My whole aim is for sincerity. That's why I sound like an obnoxious, bitter, prick. I really am a lousy person. It's not a persona.

  7. Well, you're a lousy person who likes to share & I appreciate that!

    I'm in a rush, here's the first link I could find

    - scroll down the page to LCD Soundsystem - Losing My Edge. It really is quite funny. And long, give yourself 8 minutes. :-)

  8. Err...I don't like this guy. He seems rather smug.