Monday, February 28, 2011

Ike Turner-A Black Man's Soul

In the pantheon of famous and well loved wife beaters, Turner seems to become the patsy. Take a look. Lennon was known to let the five fingers fly. Fuck, he even sings about it. But who talks about that? Michael Jordan's wife seems well acquainted with the back of his hand, but then again, he was able to put a ball in a hole, so I guess it's cool. But when it comes to poor Ike, the dude was never able to get mentioned without some allusion to his lustful fists. Too bad, because he was pretty bad ass (at punching ladies' faces). Some people prefer his pioneering early rock & roll (we can debate whether he actually invented it at another time), but I like this a bit more. This is another one that I'm sure has been sampled to death due to so many obvious breaks, but I don't listen to that shit so I'm only guessing.


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