Friday, February 11, 2011

Mighty Baby-A Jug of Love

I've said this a million times so I'm sure you're sick of reading it. Christ, I'm sick of writing about it, but it just seems to be an issue that keeps intruding into my life and causing me moments of anxiety and severe aggravation. I fucking hate hippies and I want them gone. A few nights ago I had to endure their horrible clothes & haircuts, their noxious odors (fuck you too patchouli), and their inconsiderate gyrations as I played trivia all because some minor jam band was playing across the street. So I suppose it's easy to forget a time when hippies weren't such vacuous wastes of atoms and hoarders of filth. After the Action (see past post) went bust they dropped the mod and started emulating the Dead. Some where in there a few of these guys did that Habibiyya album I also posted a while back. So as far as hippies go, I can deal with this lot.



  1. Definitely. They seem a bit weak in the beards department though. They have them, but they seem to lack the dramatic. At least one member should have sported a minimum foot long bear. i can only imagine their loon pants and kaftan collection.

  2. haha......I'm sure there are some nice clean ones about...Listening and enjoying this LP. Thanks