Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Ropers

Don't know much about this group so here's my guess. They're probably American but had a massive hard on for the U.K. There may or may not be a cute girl in the band who'd probably play bass. Their hair must have had some shaggieness to it. Perhaps a member wore glasses. The certainly wore jeans and tee shirts although a buttoned up shirt with a possible paisley print might have been worn at some point. Aside from these speculations, they were a really great noise/dream pop band. If I remember correctly, this might be a comp of their early 7"s. Not certain about that though.



  1. Not my thing but.... didja know that an ex-Roper went on to form Sic Alps, which are very much my thing? And yours, too, I think?

  2. Huh? I didn't know that but, of course, I do like Sic Alps. Pretty weird.

  3. I'm fairly certain The Ropers were from DC or nearby, they were part of the Teen Beat crowd. They played a lot of shows in The Capital in the mid-90s, and I saw a few. Good live band.

  4. Yo - I screwed up King Solomon, visit me for missing track. Sorry!

    Did I just say 'yo' ?!


  5. Many thanks, Jer.