Sunday, February 13, 2011

Charlie Rouse-Two is One

I'm sure this one has been picked to the bones by crate diggers long ago. It's logical since there is so much to sample here. Even though this was released on Strata-East it doesn't seem to have that spirituality often associated with that label. Instead, this seems like something that would be the prefect soundtrack if you were to recreate some 1970s crime capers. There's some slow burners, funked up bumpers, and things in between. After I won a grand last night playing trivia (see how cool I am) I unwound with a listen to this album and it really did the trick. The beers helped too.



  1. This IS a great lp.

    And did you say a GRAND?! Hell, last time I played trivia I won a bar of sandalwood soap!

  2. Yup, $1000. Just think how many bars of soap you could buy with that.