Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dawson-Barf Market: You're Ontae Plums

Here's an album that'll make you want to dance like a gorilla and slug some poor sap in the face. Normally, when this comes on my speakers I'll flail around like some spasmodic (good thing I live alone since I couldn't take the embarrassment of someone seeing me convulse in that way). This reminds me of bIG fLAME (already posted) in many ways. This Scottish band was so great that I actually get angry when I think about how under rated they remain. But I am one to flip my wig at the slightest instance. Just ask that stupid broad who almost hit my car twice today in a parking lot. This dummy threated to call the cops on me for "slander." But I don't have time to explain to idiot hicks what that word even means so she got off with just a dressing down. Anyways, this is a good un. But what does 'ontae' mean?



  1. Via

    i'm pretty sure it's rhodri marsden who tells the story that he was in a pub in, um, somewhere, playing a fruit machine, when a drunk scot watching him play uttered the immortal line "och man, you're ontae plums".

    Which still does NOT explain what 'ontae' means. Any Scots out there?

  2. Ontae is Scottish vernacular for onto.

    I'm guessing plums don't pay out well on fruit machines (I'm not the gambling type so can't comment with any personal experience) as the expression seemingly means you are on to a loser.

  3. fuckin great album maan, i've posted a few 7''/lps from the 90s scottish HC scene meself. laters. xx

  4. Good call - love this album. Saw Dawson a couple of times when they played in our local here in Perth. Outstandingly good nights! Think Archbishop Kebab were on the same nights.

  5. sorry for lock of acknowledgement. Many many thanks for all. I see another scot has explained ontae' on to plums i.e. you will get nothing....again thanks

  6. Thank you all for writing in and solving an issue that has been puzzling me for a long time. Glad to see that others are in the same camp with me as to how great this band was.