Friday, February 4, 2011

Charles tyler-Eastern Man Alone

We're just going to hop all over the place today because...well, why not. So why not give up the jazz. And what a treat. Honestly, this might be my favorite jazz record of all time. Of course, it comes from the esp-disk catalog, but this isn't some free form mess. The thing that really makes this one dear to my heart is the really unusual instrumentation. Tyler's on alto. And that's not all that weird. But then he's soloing over two basses and a cello. And that's it. How's that quartet for you? I've heard things that use bowed strings in a jazz context obviously, but this arrangement just seems so alien, and attractive, to me. But I'm sure there's plenty of people who'll just say that it gives them a head ache.



  1. Thanks for this! The bowed strings throughout this record make it sound superb.

  2. Yeah, it give it an unusual appeal. Maybe i should put more string based jazz records up at some point. The Leroy Jenkins and Acting Trio both seemed to be of interest.