Friday, February 11, 2011

Robbie Basho-The Falconer's Arm I & II

There was a recent request for volume two and I figured I might as well include the first. It can't possibly hurt. I've already posted some Basho so if you don't know what this is about yet, then look at my previous write up. All you need to know is this is pure acoustic guitar alchemy. And look at that amazing outfit he's sporting on the cover. Clearly, he was a man of exquisite taste.



  1. awesome. much appreciated. you're great.

    be glad i don't still live in morgantown, or else i'd probably force you to hang out with me and share a bunch of weird music with me.

  2. Huh, when were you around here? If it was anytime in the past 10 years or so, there's probably some overlap of people we know. It's still a really small town.

  3. nah, i only lived there for just over a year and basically the only people i knew were in the same program as me (wildlife & fisheries management) and i hated them all. i worked up the road, at laurel caverns in pennsylvania, and spent a lot of time on the monongahela river trail--those are basically the two things i remember fondly from those fourteen months or whatever.

  4. great post,loving your blog too.cheers. xx