Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Mama" Bea Tekielski-La Folle

Haven't been posting since I'm trying to find a job that will get me out of West Virginia. Anyone out there in the market for an English professor. Victorian poetry, composition, pop culture, tech writing--I'm not choosy. I do nude scenes. I play nerd (this will only make sense if you watch the Simpsons). Anyways, enough of the boring personal things. Here's one more from the NWW list. And if you liked the Catherine Ribeiro (how could you not?) then this is something you will enjoy as well. She's got a few other albums floating around, but I've never had much luck tracking them down. But this definitely makes me want to find them.



  1. Hello,

    check francemusik blog for Le chaos (1979) & Pas Peur de Vous (1980). Thank you for your excellent shares! I'm really glad to browse all aural-to-heart-to-aural posts that resonates with me deeply.

    V ! (Oozlum)

  2. Thanks for the tip. I need both of those.