Sunday, November 7, 2010

Phaidia-In the Dark

I don't know why, but I cannot find a single decent pic of this album. And I'm definitely too lazy to up one myself. So you'll have to deal with this shitty, undefined blur. Regardless, it's not like you're getting the actual album. Just download it and give it a listen and the cover art won't matter as much. I've already proclaimed my love for Ruins elsewhere, and this is an important historical document as the band is comprosed of drum demi-god Tatsuya Yoshida. But this isn't the spastic, Magma mimicking pummel. Instead this is much more in the goth/death rock style. Just take a look at their picture and you can guess what this is going to sound like. And you'll be correct.



  1. Goths on speed. I always preferred the up tempo tracks by bands like Bauhaus/Ritual/SDC/In Excelsis and this sounds like someone threw them all into a blender, squeezed the blood out of the pulp and gorged themselves on it. Very cool record.

  2. I hear you. Sometimes the too-slow goth tracks can drag a bit much. But when tempered by a punk edge they always seem a little more interesting. I was just surprised to find that there was something like this going on in Japan.