Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tax Free

People seemed to dig the Outsiders post from some weeks back.  In its description I mentioned this solo joint Wally Tax made at some point and I figured some people who aren't yet hip to it might want to give it a listen.  And listen you should.  Definitely not as freaked as the Outsiders' work, but nevertheless an album of high quality.  Being back in Chicago for the week, I've been going through my record collection trying to figure out how much shit I want to pull out of storage and haul all the way back to KC.  This was one of the first to go in the take away crates.  Now that I have my vintage stereo set up this will be one of the first records to be given a spin.  And as I mentioned before John Cale was involved with this record.  That might be enough for some of yous to nab this.


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