Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wolfie-Awful Mess Mystery

Might catch some shit for this one, but I could give a fig.  I loved this when it came out and I still stand by it.  Sure it’s cutesy and the vocals can be cloying but it is a fun summer record that’s the perfect length (probably less than half an hour).  I have this dreadful feeling that this summer will be unbearably hot (anything about 75 is too hot for me) so I figure I might as well roll out the summer tunes before it starts to really blaze.  I hate to be so superficial and give bonus points for cute band members and all, but I seem to recall their keyboard player/co-singer as being quite a doll.  Shit, I’m shallow.  Anyways, this is for the people in the mood for good pop.  And there ain’t nutthin’ wrong with that.


  1. wuss! what's with this pansy shite?!?! haha just kidding, I'm a sucker for the sweet stuff too. Thanks for all the great music! :)

  2. Dave. I'll try to dig up some extra fey things for you later.