Thursday, May 31, 2012

Foreign Press-Downpour 12" & Climbing 7"

Back to back double posts?  Yes, something is a bit off with me.  I suppose my recent generosity can all be blamed on a young lass who is attempting to make me a better person.  And why do I roll over and become the little lamb that I now am?  Perhaps it's all because I'm a grey haired fool and meeting a girl weird enough to put up with my shit (she collects unicorns and old nintendo games) makes me willing to get my heart broken again.  So here's one more two fer for yez.  This is another one to file in that category of bands everyone now is trying to sound like but just can't (because they are all shite).  These guys gained some popularity later and even have a New Order connection, but theses are the two to listen to.  Now let's see if I'll be able to give up smoking and my intense road rage.


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