Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stomu Yamash'ta-Red Buddha

Here's one for everyone.  If you have spent any time digging through dusty records I'm sure you've seen this guy's name at some point.  Most of the time it's attached to crap and that has unfortunately led this album to become supremely neglected.  As far as I can recall (not going to look it up though) this was a solo affair where Yamash'ta plays a mountain of percussive and electronic instruments.  That might not sound like your slice of pie, but I'll tell ya this one works for many moods.  It's honestly that good.  Not sure what genre obsessives class this as.  Maybe it's new age (don't be scared) or psych or world music.  I really don't care.  Neither should you.



  1. Funny! This lp perplexes Youtube, also. When I went to preview, YT's suggested next listens in the sidebar = The Stones' Tattoo You, Tull's Minstrel in the Gallery, PE's It Takes a Nation of Millions..., & Scorpions Love at 1st Sting. Huh what?

    Lp is good, thank you.

  2. I'm about 4 or so mins in and this is really starting to cook for me.
    Great share thanks a million.