Thursday, May 31, 2012

Th'Inbred-A Family Affair

Believe me.  I lived in West By God Virginia long enough to see plenty of inbreeders.  It might sound like I'm perpetuating a stereotype here but tell me how many time you see 600 lbs plus people?  How many of those fatties have flipper arms and/or other missing limbs?  I think you're starting to see the people I would see.  I'll tell you this, it's a pretty state but the people are far from it.  There was a reason I barely slept with anyone from that state.  You think this picture might be an exaggeration and you'd probably feel correct, however this house (with the same satellite dish) litter the beautiful landscape.  And even with all those uggos giving off their face pollution I still get nostalgic at times.  So here's some of the best punk that state offered.  Can't say they were really knowing for that genre, but this is still a good 'un.  I think I some of these guys are still around Morgantown but I never really cared even though this is a good album.  Oh well.



  1. One of these guys recorded a couple Fox Japan records and does sound at 123 occasionally. Also hey how's it going?

  2. That's weird. I never heard that before.

    Things are surprisingly good. Come out and visit some time. I hear your in Indiana so that isn't much of a long drive.