Thursday, May 31, 2012

Violent Students-S/T & Street Banger E.P.

You might think that from the band name that these are field recordings I made of my students, but it honestly isn't.  Yet, there is definitely a sense of chaos and the threat of physical harm when you listen to these albums that definitely reminds me of walking the halls of my school.  The only difference really is when this shit is bashing your head in there's not a circle of twenty kids surrounding you and filming it all on their cell phones.  There's a Clockcleaner connection here and I think the lady from Blues Control plays on the E.P. (might be, and probably am, wrong about that) so there's some names for ya.  Brainbombs, Butthole Surfers, Drunks with Guns, really trashed 80s weird punk all seem to be the primary influences for this lot.  But then again it might as well be 40 cases of Hamm's and a few ball punches instead.  It's kinda newish (keep in my mind anything music wise that was recorded post mid-90s seems new to me) but that should scare off fellow old creepers.


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