Wednesday, May 23, 2012

X-Live at the Civic '79

Years ago before this blog was long in the tooth, I asked an old buddy if there was anything he thought I should post.  Seeing as I had no clue about what the kids are into (still don’t care really), I thought it might be useful to talk to someone, unlike me, who talks to other things besides his cat.  And this was one of his suggestions.  I’m guessing that the rise of that current crop of Aussie bands makes this a seminal document (I’m only starting to discover all these newish bands that are actually worth listening to and feel stupid for having ignored them for so long).  The Saints, the Birthday Party, Lubricated Goat, the Scientists, Radio Birdman, etc. probably all get a bit more press than these fellas but they are just as essential.  Good call Ryan.