Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Larry Wallis-Polic Car b/w On Parole 7"

One of the all-time coolest, hands down.  Shagrat, Pink Fairies, Blodwyn Pig, UFO, Motorhead—all names you should know and love.  Later period work with the Redbyrds and solo are equally as vital, so don’t let some idiot tell you otherwise.  Just about anything this guy’s guitar has graced is worth owning.  Psych, punk, metal and everything in between all fall under this guy’s purview.  One of the most important guitarists in the last fifty years.  You should know this man.  If not, time to wise up boyo.


  1. Got it for 2 bucks on clear vinyl....I was afraid they were gonna say there was a mistake at the counter. The best.

  2. Definitely worth the deuce. I wouldn't have worried about a mislabeled price and most people have completely forgotten/ignored this gem.