Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Zal Yanovsky-Alive and Well in Argentina

I do truly love the Lovin’ Spoonful, but I’ll admit that hearing that fucking “Welcome Back Kotter” theme song really makes me never want to listen to John Sebastian again.  But I never really thought he was what the Spoonful was about anyways because the band was full of so much talent.  Here’s just one example of someone branching out from the group but not really getting the credit he deserves.  It’s a musically diverse affair to which Yanovsky brings his typically great guitar playing and oddball sense of whimsy and humor.  For some reason this also seems kind of hard for me to locate when searching for copies.  What gives?  I thought this would be clogging the dollar bins with all the other Spoonful stuff.  And unless you’re a dummy you’ve already bought all of those.  Add this to the collection as well.  And mail me copies of a sealed original.


  1. I've always liked lovin spoonful. Thanks for this post. It gives some good insight into the non-sebastian sounds on the records i've heard.

    btw - why the shame over welcome back....

  2. Kotter was a decent show, but that song is just so horrid. I just can't listen to it. Sebastian definitely did plenty of good so I suppose I can excuse that blunder.