Friday, June 1, 2012

Bergen White-For Women Only

If you have a penis, stop reading this post because Ol' Bergen clearly had a specific market in mind when he was recording this platter and it didn't include you.  I'm almost afraid to post this here seeing as how I am one of the lesser sex.  The only problem is that this spot ain't exactly all that happening with the ladies, barring one or two (hi Holly & Rachel).  Okay, I guess some of us more effete dudes can get down with this too since it's actually quite a good album.  Another dollar find that definitely is worth far more than the hundred pennies spent on it.  Maybe us macs can use this is some trumped up seduction scenario.  I just expect a lot of laughs from you special lady when you start pumping this through your stereo.  It really should be titled "For Sad Aging Bastards Only," being as that's the only people who will probably give a shit about it anymore.


1 comment:

  1. Oh hai. One of your 2 women checking in. Yes, I would laugh, after the Bailey's nightcap I'd expect speedo type underwear & an earnestly offered ribbed condom "for my pleasure".

    Y'all need to find some music that connotes scotch & plaid boxers ;-)