Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chris Morris-Blue Jam

This is often described as ambient radio comedy, and I guess that's what I'll go with too. If you have any interest in British comedy (and if you don't than go watch the Hangover or some other frat boy bullshit), than this will probably be for you. This is from the guy who had a sketch called "Christ's Cock and Balls" so you know it can't be all that bad. Brian Eno, Labradford, Aphex Twin, are just some of the artists these surreal sketches are laid over. Why the hell are we content to have such stupid comedies when things like this are successful elsewhere. Instead we have Judd Apatow and other half tards that churn out the same formulaic garbage. People, wise up. We can actually have humor again. So take off that stupid white baseball cap. Swap out those cargo shorts. Tuck in that button down shirt. And just hide that tribal tattoo (ooh, so tough). It's time to stand up and demand comedies that don't treat us like the idiots that we are.


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