Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shin Jung Hyun-In-A-Kadda-Da-Vida

So, so bored. Being home at this age loses all its luster. So why not just post something else, drink a beer, and wait until I finally fall asleep. Now, you've looked at the cover and you still haven't download this yet. What else could be more compelling than the sweet Korean psych font and those bad ass pictures? This really is a no brainer. While Hyun is fucking prolific, I only have this and one other album. But as far as I know, those are from his weird psych era. But I can't read Korean, so my knowledge is fairly limited on this subject. And, yes, the title track is a cover of In A Godda Da Vida, and while I wouldn't want to suffer though any more Iron Butterfly at the moment (okay, I'll cop to liking some of there other tracks), this is much, much better. Apparently Hyun is known as the "Godfather of Rock" in his native climes. And I won't begrudge him that title. This shit rules.


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