Thursday, April 1, 2010

Opal-Early Recordings

The Rainy Day post went over pretty well. I assume it's because I mentioned Beach House and people are really developing a crush on that shit lately. That being the case, I suppose this should be equally of interest since this is what Rainy Day became. It's still Kendra & Dave doing the whole dream pop thing, which became Mazzy Star, which influenced Beach House, etc. So there's the brief chronology. If anything of these names pique your interest, then this is one for you. SST was always one of my favorite labels, and there's certainly plenty of surprises in their catalog, but this one always seems extra anomalous to me.



  1. No comments on this one? Sold my lp collection several times over, but this always made the cut. Thanks again.

  2. The link is for "Early Recordings", not "Happy Nightmare Baby",but still great nonetheless.