Thursday, April 1, 2010

Homostupids-Brutal Birthday 7", Cat Music 7", The Edge 7", The Glow 7", The Intern LP, The Load LP

Okay, so this is basically all that this band has put out barring their new release (buy Night Deacon 7"). This has to be one of the best bands out and about nowadays. And from Cleveland? I hope people don't get all teary about the band name, and if you do you're an idiot who doesn't even understand that this isn't some sexual epithet. Save the tears Francine. That being said, this band certainly does hit the misanthropy pretty hard. At times, this can be some of the most savage hardcore I've heard in years. But these basement dwellers aren't content with generic labels. This even gets into some serious fucked Chrome like weirdness. Yeah, really, they can get that out there. Nearly every e.p. sounds different that the others. But I love em all so I figured I'd put them all up at once and you can find your favorite.