Thursday, April 1, 2010

David Crosby-If Only I Could Remember My Name

Sneer if you will, but this album is top notch. Sure Crosby has made himself an easy target for ridicule over the years. His erratic, drug addled antics are ripe for ripping on, but before we get into all of that we should not forget how amazing and truly haunting this work is. After this album, I pretty much lose interest in all of his work, but making just one album of this quality is surely enough to justify one's career. At moments, it can be spacey and creepy as the ghost of his recently deceased girlfriend looms over several of these tracks. And of course, the whole disappointment stemming from the failures of 60s hope and drug burn out also give this an unsettling feel. All the usual canyon dwellers appear here (Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, the Dead, etc.) if that matters to any of you. I also have a big file of demos/outtakes from these sessions as well as Crosby playing the whole album backed with the Dead if anyone's interested.



  1. This is definitely rad. But I can't pass up the Bobcat Goldthwait description of David Crosby here. According to Goldthwait, Crosby looks like Ben Franklin fucked a walrus. A pretty precise simile from the guy that brought us Shakes the Clown.

  2. Hey there, thanks for the upload, I'm very interested in getting hold of 'Crosby playing the whole album backed with the Dead'. Could you post a link?

    Thanking thee


  3. Sure I can post that. It might take a little time since my hard drive is on loan. But keep checking back and I'll post it eventually.