Thursday, April 1, 2010

Miles Davis-Dark Magus

Being back home seems like a fitting time to post my all time favorite Chicago musician (big claim I know, but this dude just tears it up). Last time I saw Pete Cosey it was on some day time court room show, where he was suing a promoter or something. I try to block that image out of my mind and remember him for his serious shredding he used to lay down like on this album for example. And find some images when he was playing with Miles at this time and it's just evident that he was one super cool motherfucker. And while I have nearly every Miles' album, this is one that still shines. It's really some dark, drugged out guitar onslaught (the band had 3 guitarists at this time). And I have this theory that the more invested in drugs Miles became, the larger those sun glasses became. Look at the distorted image on the cover, and tell me that he wasn't more that a mountain of coke wrapped in skin topped with some massive shades.


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