Monday, April 12, 2010

Peter Walker-Rainy Day Raga

People seem to have interest of late in getting more albums up by dudes who can play some serious guitar. And this here delicious morsel is for those with such an appetite. Title & cover alone will clue you into the sounds. Like Sandy Bull, John Fahey, & Robbie Basho (the acoustic holy trinity), Walker traverses similar regions of acoustic explorations. This guy should be much more popular. I might be off on this too, but I thought I read somewhere that he was like the personal guitarist to Tim Leary or something like that. I think he still owns Karen Dalton's guitar. I also seem to remember a pretty psychedelic looking cover to some Fahey LP I have that was credited to a Peter Walker. But I can only guess that it's the same person. So there's plenty of speculation there with little hard facts. But I'm not a fucking journalist. Today is warm and sunny. This is the proper sound track.


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  1. Thanks for this rare gem! You have a fabulous collection of prg folk stuff. And a good sense of humour, too.