Saturday, April 17, 2010

Steel Mill-Green Eyed God

Seems like people have been digging the prog posts lately, and why not? It's yet to be co-opted by all the cool kids. Maybe their irony knows some limitations. Well, fuck 'em anyways. While most of the prog I've posted has been pretty popular, I thought I'd dig a little deeper for this post. I know that prog heads will already be familiar with this one, but oh well, I can't please everyone. For those not in the know, this is some pretty heavy stuff that has a bluesy influence at times. And while this shit can get pretty loud there's also pretty flute interludes and more plaintive moments as well. Prog haters fuck off. Just wait. In a year or so I'm sure Wakemanesque wizard capes and skin tight tight trousers will be de rigueur with all those kids who are currently wearing those silly scarves. Really, this is my prediction.


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