Monday, April 12, 2010

Les Rallizes Dénudés-Blind Baby Has Its Mothers Eyes

Umm...can this be the most influential band that no one has heard? It's taken me years to find albums by these guys (all of dubious legality), and while I've got a ton of their shit, I know there's still some super limited cdrs and cassettes that I'll never see. To me, they've always have been this mythical band everyone likes talking about but, pre-internet mind you, were nearly impossible to find. It seems like if you know this band (and have actually heard them) you probably already have this one, seeing as it's the one with probably the widest distribution (thanks Julian Cope). If you haven't given them a listen then imagining a Japanese version of V.U. wouldn't be that far off. The history of this band is pretty sketchy, but one thing everyone mentions is their affiliation with the Japanese Red Army and their hi jacking of a plane. So there I mentioned it. If you want some awesome psych/noise/distorto mess, then prick up your ears.


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