Sunday, August 28, 2011

State Children-Bomb Shelter for Moneymaking! 7"

What a fucking brilliant mess this weirdo flexi is. Hard as shit to find pre-internet days, this mutato was destined to be a holy grail like record. I think most people can pick up instruments, having never played them, and instantly record this album verbatim. But guess what? You didn't do it, so don't cry that it's primitive and retarded and only a few minutes long. You're the same fucker who looks at a Rothko and says "I can do that" aren't you? You can probably also write The Sun Also Rises too, huh?



  1. I got a test on the Sun Also Rises this week, I'll have to listen to this while studying. my teacher has a crush on Hemingway so maybe she'll go easy on us.

  2. Great title! It takes a special kind of genius to pull this shit all together into some sort of coherent assault.