Saturday, August 27, 2011

Aqsak Maboul-Un Peu de l'Âme des Bandits

I'm a lover of weirdo combinations that don't seem to make sense when explained to me. Those moments when you finally hear the tracks and the descriptions your friends were trying to convince you about finally make sense are truly scared moments. But I guess that's all a bit of a teaser since I don't really plan on describing this one. I will say this, however. Moments of this seem right for a weirdly drugged out senior home dance where feeblemindedness and nostalgia seem to ensconce the room. And I can also some someone sniffing glue to this and really laughing at how disconnected his/her hand seems from the rest of his/her body. You ever do that? Don't hands sometimes seem like such a weird thing? Like it's not even part of you but some odd appendage that is almost separate from your body.


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