Saturday, August 27, 2011

Servile Sect-Stratospheric Passenger

Some guy (?) with a rather large set laid down some heavy suggestions that I might in fact be a secret hipster. Or maybe he was saying that it's not so secret since he was able to sleuth it out. Tis neither here nor there. People, think of me as you will. Most tend to see me as a massive asshole. This assertion is probably correct 96% percent of the time so I'm not going to argue that. Then again, there was another incident that someone unknown to me asked if I was sad (why do people keep doing this?) so maybe I seem more like some weepy sap. But back to that main point. I know when I post albums like this, it lends credence to the charge of hipsterism. But fuck that. It's good and if that's how I'm going to be seen then I'll just wave my whatever those stupid middle-east looking scarves dudes wear now at you and dry my tears with pages from the latest McSweeny's (do people still read that?). I guess if people really need to know, I'm probably a bit old and definitely too much of a loser to be classed as hip or a hipster. Hope that helps.


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  1. Secret hipster? Yeah, there's nothing secret about it. It's obvious you are ha ha. At heart, if not in the ragged attire and ravaged remains of your aging body. My definition is rooted in the forties of course, I'm so far off the map I never realised there was a more recent appropriation of the name until I found you ranting about them. How do these things pass me by?

    I've not heard of this band either. They sound quite interesting (in theory - haven't actually listened to it yet) although I'm not really a black metal aficionado. It tends to leave me cold. I suppose it is meant to.