Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lorelei-The Bitter Air 7"

So when I was living in L.A. this month I had the farcical, but true, story of having a squirrel that would break into my place and eat my chocolates. I never actually saw the squirrel in my place, but I did see it poking into my window, the holes it left in the window screen, the gnawed bars of chocolate it left on the floor, and the piles of shit it left on my desk. So I feel pretty safe in assuming it was that fucking squirrel that was eating my chocolate. And I just thought the whole thing was a bit cute. Like this album. Don't worry, this one won't unload atop your papers or anything, but it will make you smile when those days seem longer than ever possible. This might be a little too cutesy for some but I don't care. When your insides are tar black, do you really need more of that coming in your ear holes?


1 comment:

  1. B-side is quite appropriate at the moment!

    Now I feel like I should be wearing barrettes.