Sunday, August 28, 2011

Eyeless in Gaza-Photographs as Memories

First album by a band that I always have a really fucking hard time describing. I am certain that somewhere there's a lone scribe tirelessly compiling the definitive history of this band. I have no idea if there's enough dramatics to make it a worth read, but I would definitely like some insight into how these two came up with their sound. It has that cassette d.i.y. sound, but it's also less punk and more croony. Shit description, I am aware, but really, aside from the fact that it sounds 80ish and lo fi, it's a little hard to describe. It does seem to fit with a lot of those British bedroom bands of the time, but then Bates lays his vocal histrionics over the whole thing and it starts becoming something else altogether. Maybe like the non-slick version of ABC or something. Anyways, they change up the sounds quite a bit as they went on (check the Martyn Bates album previously posted for further evidence) but, you know, there's the whole first thought best thought principle to consider.


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  1. Those were the days. What a wonderful song "knives replace air" still is after 30 years!