Sunday, August 28, 2011


I seemed to remember thinking at the time of its release that this sucked pretty hard. But pretty much anything that came out on Kranky I disapprovingly have the gas mask to. Is it that I've softened somehow in my old age, or is it that the biases that prevented me from truly loving a band like the Rolling Stones were still in place. Don't misunderstand, these guys are nothing like the Stones, but I'm getting at the fact that I lived with all these weird prejudices about how music should be (Hi old punks), and in the process, ignored plenty of good things along the way. This has all been previously written about, but it bears reiteration in that this is a great space rock band that so many now wish they could sound like. Either forget that they exist and continue to believe that so many of the "cutting edge" bands are as great as some media outlets/dick sucking machines will lead you to believe, or give the guys the cred they didn't receive by old shits like me.


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