Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Screamin' Mee-Mees-Live From the Basement: 1975-1997

Lead track, "Hot Sody" was about the most appropriate track to play when I finally arrived in my new Kansas City home as the ambient temperature was approaching 114. It was hot. India hot. Add 90% humidity as you've got a crabby, sweaty bastard that doesn't feel like moving fuck all after driving down from Chicago. But the new place is lovely and I really love this city. The state itself might be a different story however. Lots of bibles and guns. But then I'm reminded of these miscreants from St. Louis and I smile. Dumbo antics in that way that we all like. Naif and fun and reckless. All the things we forget about as our eyebrows grow long enough to hang in our eyes (I've got eyebrows that are straight out of Dune). Even when they got old they still ruled. That might scare me a little more than the fact that corporal punishment is still legal here and that conceal and carry is something people take as a point of pride.



  1. thanks for the post. really curious about the clutching hand in monster mitt lp. is this something you have ability to upload?

  2. I have to say the Silver Apples cover caught me off guard. Great post.

  3. is possible reupload this album ?
    thanks !!