Friday, September 30, 2011

Airways-Live at the L.A.C.E.

So there's a bit of confusion on my part here that maybe a few of you can clarify. I know there's a vinyl copy of this and the tracks are longer but the fidelity is shit. So I ripped this out of this impressive box that I picked up for a sou. And there's additional tracks too. So why not crop the tracks, amp up the quality, and give you more variety of what this band is capable of. Apparently there's all this subliminal messaging going on and I can't speak to that (hence it's subliminality) but I can say the urge to milk a goat and eat a card board box has never been felt so strongly. Sure it's noisesome but that's all enfolded into something womb-like and comforting. All the while you realize this is picking your pockets and leaving you destitute. If you want to hear this the way it was meant to be heard finish up that time machine, go to the show, position yourself about a block and a have East-South-East, have your friend give you a charlie horse and you'll be set.

Here (reuped 7/19/12)

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