Friday, September 2, 2011

Art Bears-Winter Songs

Art rock in the way that the term used to mean before a buncha kids in plushy costumes started to breath their rancorous breath into some melodica whilst a naked drummer molests an audience member. There's no art in that shit. It's all tacky gimmickry. And it's stale at that. So art kids, stay away from rock (please don't mention that the Talking Heads wend to RISD--they suck too). And please stay away from art for that matter. I've seen your work and you'd be lucky to get it hung on a convalescent home's wall. So that's why albums like this are important, see? I'm sure everyone is aware that anything with Fred Frith's involvement is at least worth a listen (not going to say that it's all gold however). But this shit is 32 years old (if I recollect correctly) and it still out weirds most of the lame-os who think beards and ironic shirts are edgy. I can't wait for you dumb shits to explain to your equally dumb children why your tattoo of a bunny fucking a robot is hilarious.


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